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Gravity ceases to exist, the “laws” of motion become mere “suggestions,” and the crowd is transported into a world of recaptured wonder with San Francisco performing artist Bri Crabtree. Combining elements of juggling, clown, dance, physical theater and illusion, Bri not only evokes magical experiences and characters—she tosses, twists and spins into being a whole new universe, where curiosity prevails and logic is upside down. 

For over 10 years, this sought-after performer has been honing her juggling and unicycle skills on stages from Dubai to France, for clients such as Dreamworks, Google, and Netflix. Bri is also a member of the International Jugglers Association and World Clown Association.


Eccentric behavior is her forte, comedy is her gift, and the stage is her dreamscape. Bri Crabtree is the “goddess of gravity,” and you won’t want to miss the world she weaves out of balls and ropes, parasols and hats, applause and disbelief.

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