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Do you want to take your hat juggling or comedy performance to the next level? Are you a hat nerd that loves to get into the nitty gritty of hat movement? Are you looking for a prop to dance or flow with? Maybe you are a kid’s entertainer looking to boost your show laughs. . If any of these resonate with you, then look no further – the Hat Manipulation Masterclass is here to transform your skills and elevate your act to new heights of entertainment and mastery. Hats aren't just accessories – they're versatile tools that speak to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a clown, juggler, or dancer, mastering hat manipulation opens up a whole new world of expression and entertainment. You may be a seasoned performer seeking to refine your craft or an aspiring kid’s party entertainer eager to make kid’s laug. This course is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of the wonderful world of hats!


Hat Manipulation Masterclass is the most comprehensive tutorial series on hat manipulation available today. It is divided into two parts. Part 1 focuses on the technical side of hat juggling, from beginner to advanced tricks with over # hours of detailed instruction. Part 2 focuses on the performative element of hat manipulation using physical comedy and some basic juggling & mime skills. The best part about this course, is that many of these skills can be instantly applied to your current repertoire for immediate laughs. 


No more scouring the internet for tutorials and information on where to begin. With 116 lessons packed into 5 hours of comprehensive instruction, this masterclass leaves no brim unturned. Each trick is meticulously broken down, guiding you from novice to expert with precision and ease. 


This masterclass features over 100 lessons sorted by These detailed descriptions break the trick down into small incremental moves.



Not only does this masterclass include every hat trick in the book, but also a crash course in mime technique, takes and facial expressions, and 

You Will Learn

  • What type of hat to use

  • Hat juggling history

  • The fundamentals of hat juggling and movement

  • a break down of *almost* "every trick in the book"

  • Timing, rhythm, and flow

  • Over 50 of silly hat moves

  • Over 50 technical tricks

  • Secrets to the perfect roll and toss, and catch.

PLUS 3 bonus classes

  • a 8 minute crash course in mime

  • an additional lesson on takes and timing

  • explanation of "look don't see" comedy technique

plus 3 original comedy acts

  • An audience warm up that teaches the audience to clap and laugh. You know what they say, you should make the audience laugh within 30 seconds of going onstage. Don’t know how? This is Bri’s original warm up routine that you can use exactly as is, pick apart, or change however you want! 

  • A short clown character routine inspired by physical comedy buffoons of the past. This act is geared towards kids and their sense of humor. This act uses basic juggling skills and lots of phyiscal comedy and sight gags. 

  • An intermediate hat routine designed to impress an all ages audience, AND get laughs.

This Course if for you if you...

  • are curious about hat manipulation 

  • want to make kids laugh

  • want to Improve your show skills

  • love physical comedy

  • want new tricks for your repertoire

  • are a hat nerd

  • want to learn techniques not taught anywhere else

  • need instant material for your show or strolling act



  • Hat Warm Up Routine

  • Silly Basic Routine

  • Advanced comedy routine

PLUS 3 extra crash courses in mime & physical comedy

  • basic mime technique

  • timing and takes

  • "Look don't see" explanation, a classic kid's comedy method

Need a hat?

Whether you want to invest in a professional, weighted juggling hat, or get started on a budget, we've got a hat for you.

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