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This purchase is a digital download including 3 documents:


1.  Virtual Show Smoothie: Tips & Tricks. This is a 62 page slideshow from my lecture for KAX 2021, "Virtual Show Smoothie: Tips & Tricks". I cover performing on camera, virtual backgrounds, green screen illusion tricks, devising through play, audience management for sound, how I run a party, show flow, & ideas for add-ons/benefits to birthday party packages.


2. Virtual Show Compendium: “How I do a Zoom Show”. A 23 page document detailing much more information about virtual shows that I have collected since April 2020. This guide also includes an unlistd youtube playlist of video examples.


3. Free Resources to Create Online Content.  Don't spend hours trying to find royalty free resources like videos, photos, and music. Stop hunting, and start creating!  These are my personal go-to websites for creating all my online content.

3 Pack Bundle Virtual Show Resources

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