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These are lecture notes to supplement the workshop "How to do a Zoom Show" by Bri Crabtree hosted on 9/27/20.  The lecture notes are more detailed than the original, recorded broadcast, so get yours now!


Bri Crabtree will share the "ins and outs" of how to create a virtual show for Zoom.  She will present a very simple solution, but also inform you about intermediate options.  Bri has performed 50+ Zoom shows, and performs one hour long new show every week (not on zoom) for a corporate kid audience.

Zoom shows are rewarding and WILL make you feel better! Many people have lost their purpose, but connecting through digital platforms can also make kids laugh.


Bri will teach you the basics of streaming "do's and don'ts" including:

  • Internet Speed

  • Basic technology (lights, sound, & camera)

  • Staging & Framing

  • Performing on Camera

  • Green Screen Illusion tricks

  • Leverage Virtual Backgrounds

  • Audience management

  • Basic Marketing

"How to do a Zoom Workshop" Lecture Notes 9/27/20

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