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"Totally Sweet Circus Show"

There is beauty in strength and Bri Crabtree has plenty of both.  Bri Crabtree is part ringmaster, part clown, and all kinds of awesome!  This daredevil darling will sweep you off your feet with her eccentric charm, amusing antics, and amazing circus tricks.
The family-friendly comedy circus show features juggling, unicycling, and calves of steel. You will witness hair acrobatics, a gravity defying toothbrush, and the UNtraditional way to make homemade apple pie. Objects come to life, logic is turned upside-down, and curiosity prevails.  
Whether you are looking for a variety act 8-10 minutes long, or a full family friendly street show, Bri Crabtree can provide the perfect entertainment for you!
It’s a chance to run away to the circus, even if it’s just for one day.
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