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Love Letters

Compliment Someone!

If you are ever inspired to write to someone with a positive message, please DO! I am amazed when people write to me, and it is always the highlight of my day! Some days it can get very frustrating to be self-employed. An unsolicited, positive connection reinforces my decisions in life. Send some kind words to someone else today :)

Messages I have received over the past few years from strangers....

"I loved your performance today at the Burlingame Library -- Thank you for being so silly!! My laughter echoed the rollicking chortles and guffaws of the toddlers!! Bless you for the good work that you do!!!"

Audience Member at Burlingame Library March 2018

“My family and I were at the Fairfax festival this weekend and I just wanted to say thank you for doing a great show. I asked my almost 4 year old son what his favorite thing about the festival was and he said the lady who did all the tricks Thanks again!”

Audience Member at Fairfax Festival, CA, June 2018

"My favorite new act that I saw last night was a wonderful hat manipulation act by Bri Crabtree. Perfect act. Her character was just wonderful and her hat manipulations fit the act so damn well! I’m not going to go into detail, but let me say, if you get the chance to see Bri don’t miss it!”

Audience member at Scot Nery's Boobie Trap Los Angeles, April 2017

“I have to admit...I fell a bit in love **heart emojji smiley emojji**. Your act was adorable, quirky, silly, poised, clever, and just really well put together. Thank you for your art!”

Audience member at Tourette’s Without Regrets, March 2017


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