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3 MUST SEE Holiday Circus Shows in the SF Bay Area

Bri Crabtree

Tis the season for an abundance of circus shows! Are you looking for a great family outing during the holidays? To be honest, there is no ONE best show....these 3 are sure to satisfy your circus curiosity!


Le Cirque de Bohème

My personal favorite circus variety show is the charming & beautiful world of Le Cirque de Bohème. It has a vintage feel based on the french tradition of the 1920s. I think it has the most unique atmosphere & characters under an intimate circus tent at Cornerstone in Sonoma. Led by the strange "Bohemian of Paris", the stories are wrapped in circus acrobatics, mysterious wonders and a bit of clowning around. The show also features some of my favorite performers, Amelia van Brunt & Colin Creveling. Cornerstone also features beautiful gardens, shops, and places to wine & dine!


  • Mature audience. Children will enjoy it, but not for small children - the tent is dark & it is discouraged to leave during the show.

  • Intimate & Magical experience

  • Good for date nights too!


  • Location - Sonoma, CA

  • It's worth it to sit close up!

  • $27-$55

  • Running NOW - December 16 2018


Mittens & Mistletoe

Mittens & Mistletoe, produced by Sweet Can, is a long-running Bay Area beloved circus show...and there are two versions... A family friendly show, and one adult cabaret night! This year's theme is "A Mid-Winter Night’s Dream"....expect some Shakespearian inspired shenanigans. You can't go wrong with this show - there isn't a bad seat in the house, and you will experience close-up accomplished circus arts. Mittens & Mistletoe really hits the nail on the head with a breadth of silly antics for the kids to the high skill levels that adults appreciate. And guess what, my fave Amelia van Brunt is in this one too! I also really enjoy their random, wacky moments, whether it's a GIANT sized mitten, or a cowboy style showdown with puppetry...Laughter is good for you. This is a fact and not fake news!!


  • Families looking for a theater experience.

  • All ages

  • Date Nights - the adults only show will be on 12/28 at 8:00 pm


  • Location - San Francisco Dance Mission.

  • Note - the theater is located upstairs without elevator access.

  • $20-$65

  • Running December 26 - December 30 2018.


Circus Bella

​Circus Bella has been bringing free "Circus to the Parks" in the Bay Area for the past 10 years, and now they have their own circus tent on Treasure Island!!! Circus Bella presents Kaleidoscope - A SHOW YOU’LL NEVER FORGET. If you have ever seen Circus Bella, you know you can expect a show full of thrilling feats, world class talent, and a diverse cast of performers. This tent seats about 800, and you will have a full classic circus experience, watching in the round. One of my favorite personal highlights of Circus Bella is that they perform to an original score composed by local music legend Rob Reich & performed by a live 6 piece band.


  • All ages, small children welcome

  • Families looking for a Big Top High Energy show.


  • Location - Treasure Island

  • $39-$150

  • Running NOW --> January 6 2019


I've got my tickets! Let me know if you go see a show, and what you thought!

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