Tourette's Without Regrets Variety Show

Tourette's without Regrets describes itself as "the fight club of underground art". It's a monthly variety show held in Oakland, CA. It's like a looney tunes experience mixed with hip hop, slam poetry, stand up comedy, burlesque, circus acts, beat-boxing, interactive games, and dance battles. Tourette's has never disappointed me in entertainment quality and weirdness. Imagine an audience full of hundreds of young, passionate, expressive, and interested people. It's a performer's daydream! The energy is raw, chaotic, authentic. The audience is the most fun-loving, expressive, and passionate group. They are willing to go on the journey you present to them. As long as you are passionate, they are passionate. I had so much fun performing for this crazy bunch, and being part of the crazy bunch as well. Photo by Jody Lyon.

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