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2016 Summer Recap; Character Compilation Video

Wow, the summer just flew by! My summer schedule was packed with shows and audiences ranging from young to old; I love variety entertainment because it never gets boring! I provided entertainment for local San Francisco Bay Area summer camps, various preschools in Alameda, CA, street style shows at Pier 39 Fisherman’s Wharf, east bay shopping malls, and I traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska for a 10 day run of shows at the Golden Wheel Carnival.

Fairbanks, Alaska was beautiful. I was part of a show featuring aerialists and fire dancers, and I provided the juggling and unicycling entertainment. The Golden Wheel Carnival is a sweet family owned carnival that travels from city to city in Alaska during the summer months. I was hosted by Aerial Yoga of Alaska, and even got to see some local sights.

I am sharing the compilation video of the short videos I have filmed this year. I think it’s a nice wrap up of my 2016 work, and it will make you laugh!

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