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The Flow Show SF 2016

One of the challenges of being a new performer is finding a place to perform. Even more valuable? Getting to perform 3 nights in a row! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and this might sound crazy, but having an outlet to take risks and tweak my acts one night after the other is valuable and cherished. Is it the current live entertainment scene? Is it the lack of communication between performance genres? I don’t know why it is so hard to find a “live playground”, if you will, for testing and performing work multiple nights in a row.

This was my 6th year performing in the Flow Show SF, and it's amazing how those first few years of stage time have really helped me develop. I performed four times this weekend at the Flow Show SF and Red Hots Burlesque Brunch. I am always so grateful that the Flow Show, and Red Hots exists. Especially a show in which the performer does not have to produce, finance, market, or organize themselves. I know SO MANY performers that participate in fringe festivals, book their own solo shows, and they are working twice as hard to make their art, and their finances, work. The Flow

Show is willing to showcase new artists who have little performance experience based on their technical skills and participation in the flow arts community. At the Flow Show, the artist is free to artist. The Flow Show is a showcase of the “flow arts”. This includes all sorts of object manipulation, from hula hoops to juggling to plunger manipulation. The cast ranges from first time performers to professional entertainers, from all over the country, and even the world.

The Flow Show hosts a playground for the imagination. Everything you have ever dreamed of is possible to execute at the Flow Show. The Flow Show is full of artists who take risks. Whether it’s a first performance, a new routine, a new prop, or a new idea, everyone brings an element of risk to the table. I think that’s one of the common threads that ties everyone together in this show. Having this playground to test out ideas is ESSENTIAL to creating meaningful, quality work. Thank you Flow Show for letting me play what my mind dreams up.

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